Margareta B Design
Vackra smakfulla smycken



Here you find a collection of my necklaces. By clicking a necklace a new window will open and
you’ll find a bigger picture and some facts about the necklace.

 If you have any questions or if you would like to buy something you can contact me through
the contact page Kontakta mej



H151t.jpg  H152t.jpg  H153t.jpg H154t.jpg  H155t.jpg 
H156tjpg.jpg  H157t.jpg  H158t.jpg  H159t.jpg  H160t.jpg 
H161t.jpg  H162t.jpg  H163t.jpg  H164t.jpg  H165t.jpg 
H166t.jpg  H167t.jpg  H168t.jpg  H169t.jpg  H170t.jpg 
H171t.jpg  H172t.jpg   H173t.jpg  H174t.jpg  H175t.jpg 
H176t.jpg  H177t.jpg  H178t.jpg  H179t.jpg  H180t.jpg 
 H181t.jpg H182t.jpg   H183t.jpg H184t.jpg  H185t.jpg 
H186t.jpg   H187t.jpg H188t.jpg  H189t.jpg